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Cemetery lots are only available for sale in the north new part of the Bone Lake Cemetery

  • Cost of a one grave lot is $250—this includes $200 for perpetual care and $50 for the lot
  • 2 urns for cremation may be placed on a one grave lot with an additional fee of $200
  • Lot size is 5’ x 10’
  • All artificial wreaths, flowers and other decorations that interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery shall be removed by July 1 of each year or they will be removed and disposed of.  Flowers should be planted in pots placed in raised plant stands.  The planting of trees and shrubs is not allowed.

Cemetery lots layout

The Milltown American Legion Post conducts services on Memorial Day at 12:15.

Memorial Day Service   Memorial Day Service with flag

Memorial Day Service 2016   Memorial Day Service in 2016