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Sale of Cemetery Lots:

  • $250 for a 1 grave Lot

  • 2 urns are allowed on each lot or 1 casket burial. 

    • An additional cost of $200 for the second urn is required.                 

  • A total of $450 must be paid to place 2 urns on each lot.

  • Lots are intended for burial of human remains only.

Grave Liners:

  • A grave liner or vault is required for all casket burials.

  • Cremation urns must be placed at least 1 foot below ground level.

Markers and Monuments:

  • One large marker and / or up to 2 additional smaller flush stones will be permitted.

  • All markers should have foundations at ground level with six in borders.

  • If flowers will be placed at the grave site, there should be a hole in the flush stone or 6” border to accept the urn stand.

  • Ground level markers are preferred.

  • No stones or monuments are to be installed without instructions from the Cemetery Sexton.

Grave Decorations:

  • NO in-ground plantings of any type are allowed anywhere in the Cemetery. 

  • NO benches or other monuments are allowed and will be removed.

  • NO shepherds’ hooks will be allowed.

  • All artificial wreaths, flowers and any other decorations that interfere with the maintenance of the Cemetery shall be removed by July 1 of each year, unless in an upright urn, or they will be disposed of.

  • Flowers should be planted in pots and placed Urn Stands with 25” ground clearance

  • Please do not throw refuse on cemetery borders.


Winter Burials:

  • Any in-ground burials will not be allowed from the first day of December through the middle of April, without the approval of the Cemetery Sexton.  

  • Additional costs incurred by winter burial will be the responsibility of the person or persons arranging the burial.

Bone Lake Cemetery:

Older Part Cemetery Regulations:

  • If there is one casket buried on a lot, 1 cremation urn is allowed to be placed at the east/west end of the lot, for an additional charge of $200.

  • Any future burials in the older parts of the Cemetery, it is allowable to place a maximum  of 2 cremation urns on each lot, as long as the original payment for the lot has been recorded, with no additional charge or fee.


Town of Bone Lake Cemetery Resolution

The Milltown American Legion Post conducts services on Memorial Day at 12:15 at Town of Bone Lake Cemetery.

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