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Don Langel Memorial Park



The history of the Town of Bone Lake Park began in 1938 when Town Chairman Peter Frandsen purchased for the Town, the 80 acre tract of land that had previously been owned by Clarence and Edith Woodward, from the Federal Land Bank of Saint Paul, Minnesota. The purchase price was $2700. According to Town of Bone Lake records, many residents disagreed with the Town spending that amount of money. On March 4, 1940, the Town sold the North Half of the Northeast Quarter less right-of-way along the west boundary of said tract to Myland and Leona Hansen for $1500, via a land contract, and retained the parcel in the southwest corner as platted, all in Section 31. The land reserved by the Town of Bone Lake was the 10 acre parcel that became known as the Town Park.

Many gatherings were held at the Town of Bone Lake Park through out the ensuing years. One such event took place in July of 1943, as noted by an invitation sent out:

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